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Atlantis Sky Patrol

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Atlantis - Sky Patrol plot-line is based on an alternate history of the real world. The universe of Atlantis looks similar to the future worlds described by Herbert Wells. A lot of unique steam powered devices, original machines and so on. Some day more than hundred of deadly devices were discovered. They were located on both of America continents - from Canada to Chile. You were chosen for dangerous mission to destroy them.

The gameplay is a great combination of Zuma and Breakout. You control the ship which can slide horizontally and shoot colored balls. Each level represents one evil device. Each device consists from generator which sometimes throws moving defense mechanism - chain of colored spheres. Your goal is to eliminate all orbs my matching 3 or more of a same color in a row before they will rich an exit. There are also some other mechanism, like closing doors, moving walls and so on which will be used by evil device to protect itself.

There are two kinds of bonuses in Atlantis - device parts and power ups. Power up is usable instantly when you take it. It may be a multi balls shot or a multicolored ball shot or a power up which will rewind the chain and some others. When you destroy a device you can collect its parts and upgrade your own ship with it. There are speed upgrades, shot power upgrades and so on.

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