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You are the fair ruler of Svetlograd. Everything was good - the citizens were happy, the business succeeded but the evil critters had chosen Svetlograd as their target. Your goal is to protect the city from the invaders.

A ballista cannon is setup outside of the city walls and can shoot with different projectiles to eliminate evil imps. Don't let them to get close to city gate or you will lose. The game has a classic Zuma like gameplay but it was extended with many interesting features. The backgrounds of levels are destroyable - you can explode trees or buildings. Another great feature is a shop where you can spend earned points and purchase upgrades for you cannon. There are many different power ups - faster shooting skill, fireball shots, lightning bolts, larger clip and others.

Some of the levels contain hidden collectable relics. The game is developed in a Russian style so the Relics are rather fun - such as Babushkas or Matryoshkas.

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Svetlograd Screenshot Svetlograd Screenshot
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