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Welcome back to the ancient Egypt in Luxor 3. A young pharaoh is dead and what have he discovered in afterlife? Evil Set's minion are going to steal essences of Egyptian gods. You have to help them if you want to get your pyramid and take a forever rest.

The gameplay and audiovisuals are almost the same as in the previous parts of the series. That means they are really great! The great production values are one of the main reasons of the Luxor success. The developers have added more game modes. There is Onslaught mode, Puzzle, Survival, Crossing the Nile and Treasure Hunter in addition to well-known Adventure campaign mode. Each one provides unique game experience.

Another great additional to the game is purchasable upgrades. The special Ankh coins fall from sky when you complete the level. Grab as many as you can and between levels you can spend them on upgrades. And of course there are some new power-ups in Luxor 3.

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Luxor 3 Screenshot Luxor 3 Screenshot
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