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The original Luxor game was so successful that it has almost beaten Zuma in sales charts. Inspired by the success of the first part developers have released a sequel - Luxor 2. While there are a very few modifications to classic marble popper game formula Luxor is still over all competitors due to its production values.

Luxor 2 offers 88 new levels with brilliant pseudo-3D prerendered backgrounds in Egyptian style. They are so brilliant that I wanted to complete the level just to see next background. Each level also features a great game design. Audio effects and soundtrack are also good.

There are many different power ups. Some of them are usual - track reverse and track delay but some are unique and have never been implemented in any game. For example a color cloud which colors a group of orbs to the same color or running scarabs who destroy every ball on their path. Another interesting feature is collectable prizes. You will be awarded for many achievements, i.e. completing level without losing a life.

Luxor 2 has three difficulty level so every gamer can choose suitable one.

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Luxor 2 Screenshot Luxor 2 Screenshot
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